Based just 20 miles North of London we are the largest canning company in the south of England catering for most beverage industries. 


With years of experience in canning our main objective is to ensure 

cleanliness and keeping your drinks free from bacteria. We are Salsa accredited & have recently invested in a brand new sterilising and rinsing machine along with a rotary counter pressure filling machine capable of evacuating oxygen, fobbing and under lid purging just seconds prior to capping. 

Our newly built HMRC Bonded 400m2 factory in Essex also has a 65m3 refrigeration unit to keep your liquid chilled below zero, prior being canned to help it absorb C02. The whole process can be carried out here from monitoring and setting carbonating levels, base can expiry printing, brand labelling.


We collect your beverages from your workplace and have them canned in either 330, 440 & 500 ml sizes and returned quickly hassle free. 

We don't just can alcoholic beverages, contact us for more information on canning other drinks like water, coffee, tea and more.

Canning can be a messy business, taking up precious time and space when carried out on your own premises, so let us do it for you in our state of the art factory, leaving you free to brew great drinks!

Labels, Prints & Sleeves

Having a unique design on your can is one of the most important factors in standing out from the crowd. We have worked with some great artists and can help you achieve this. For the smaller brewer looking to can in smaller batches, we would recommend Labels or Shrink Sleeves. For the large quantities required, Printing is the way to go and we can offer all of these choices to help fit your budget and volume requirements.


The concept of UK CANNING LTD actually started out in California where the birth of mobile canning began and while visiting a few breweries in the United States we soon realised that a  better efficiency and quality could be employed here in the UK within a much more sterile environment using static rather than mobile machinery with the ability to refrigerate, carbonate, filter & label all under one roof.

Let's Work Together

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm

Address: Unit 5, Matching Airfield, Abbess Roding, Ongar, Essex, CM50JR

UK Canning Ltd is a registered company. No 11612263